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April – And I think to myself…what a wonderful world!!

As we move into the beautiful month of April, all age groups are focused on the warmth of Spring. Take a look at what this enjoyable time of year has to offer young children!

The 2′s will explore Weather, Recycling and the Wonderful World around us! Rain, Rain, Go Away but please come drizzle on us for Puddle Jumping Day! Earth Day is April 22nd, and we will help by collecting ‘trash’ from our playground and school area. Jump, Frog, Jump! What else can we find in the pond?
Skills we are working on this month:
Can you jump on two feet? How about just one? And then can you switch to the other?

The 3′s will be blasting off to outer space in April! We will learn all about the planets, sun, moon and stars. The children will be learning many interesting facts about each planet and working on making their own replicas of each one. They will also walk on the moon, make rockets and space helmets. The unit will culminate with an imaginary trip to outer space. We will also do some Easter activities and have our off campus Egg Hunts. More information will be coming home from your child’s teacher about this exciting event. Our letters this month are W, X, and Y and our numeral is 9.

We hope everyone enjoyed Spring Break! April is another busy month in the 4′s! We start off with a new unit on Bugs! Complementing our bug unit will be an author/illustrator study of Eric Carle! We will be reading many of his books- The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Robber & The Bee, The Grouchy Ladybug, The Very Quiet Cricket & The Very Lonely Firefly. We will also be learning how he illustrates his books and making our own Eric Carle inspired bug book!
We will be celebrating Easter the week of April 14th-17th. Please look for details from your child’s teacher as to when and where your class Easter Egg Hunt will be held!
The highlight of our month, of course, are our Mothers’ Day Programs & Teas! The children have been working so hard getting ready to host their moms! This is truly one of the sweetest days! All programs start at 10:15, with the exception of Mrs. Gregory’s class. Their program begins at 12 noon!
We look forward to a fun & festive month of April!

For the 5′s, the letters this month in reading are Gg, week of March 3rd, Xx, week of March 10th and Zz, week of March 17th. Our math study will focus on the value and counting of money and begin with the introduction of fractions. The unit topic is Sea Life through invertebrates and vertebrates. We will have an exciting Surf Seining field trip on April 4th to culminate this fun unit. Afternoon enrichment will explore Charleston and include the children’s very own large map of the peninsula!

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